Infinite Starships

by Avalon Games

Avalon Games



Tags: future sci-fi

Infinite Starships

Infinite Starships

Every party of outer space adventurers is distinct, and their ships should be also. Infinite Spaceships presents the game statistic for six ships: the Assault Lander for groups which prefer fighting over talking; the sleek and stylish Comet; the scout ship and the Star Marshal patrol ship. Dont worry, we didnt forget to include the classic Light Freighter.

These ships are more than just a pile of statistics, they are designed to function as the groups transportation, forward base of operations and their home. Since the characters will spend so much time on these spaceships, deck plans are included.

The rules are compatible with Infinite Futures and comes with full color deck plans. The future is now, so play Infinite Future and last off into fun.

Note that this is the same product as Avalon D20 Starships, only geared toward IF, so dont buy both. This version does though have full color deck plans and new ships.