Into The Breach: The Oracle

by Flying Pincushion Games

Flying Pincushion Games



Tags: Archetypes Classes Fantasy Oracle Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition Player Aids

Into The Breach: The Oracle

Into the Breach: The Oracle

Into the Breach is a series of crunch-focused books intended to expand the options available to the base classes (the alchemist, cavalier, gunslinger, inquisitor, magus, oracle, summoner, and witch).

For our third installment we tackle the mysterious oracle. We diverge from our normal focus on archetypes for this class because the versatility of oracles lies more in their mysteries and curses. You will still find quite a few options specifically for oracles, such as: four new archetypes, one oracle friendly prestige class, five new mysteries, and four new curses.

Perhaps most exciting for some we've provided a newer more Pathfinder oriented conversion of the Warlock and an alternate base class to Oracle.