Quick Generator - Class/Profession Concept

by Ennead Games

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Quick Generator - Class/Profession Concept

Quick Generator - Class/Profession Concept

The Class/Profession Concept generator is for those times when you need or want to create a variation or sub class or profession. You may have a ranger, but what type of ranger are they?

This Quick Generator covers the two main genres, so-called fantasy and sci-fi (although this could also cover the modern age).

There will be some overlap between the two, but a fantasy ranger, for example, will be different to a modern and sci-fi one. Also, don’t forget that as this is a random generator, you will sometimes get results that are odd, or weird. But don’t fret! Take it as a challenge and an exercise in stretching your creative muscle, but likewise, don’t be afraid to roll again!

Examples include...

  • Holy Bower
  • Solar Nano-Technician
  • Heretical Sorcerer