The Living RPG

by BTD Press

BTD Press



Tags: Horror Monsters/Enemies Player Aids Unique d20

The Living RPG

The Living is a tabletop roleplaying game (RPG), which is a social game of imagination and creativity. You help tell a story though the actions and dialogue of a character that you create. The world is yours to explore through their eyes. In order to survive, you must work together as a team. The Narrator keeps track of the rules, stories and secrets – but it is the players who drive the game. Together the Narrator and players share laughs, screams and pouts to create a rich story and a great time.

Although set against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse, The Living features a plethora of skills and abilities specifically designed to be used with and against living characters. From persuasion to resources, hacking to leadership, medicine to religion, there are nearly limitless situations and areas of expertise in which zombies are the least of your concerns.

Using a distinctive skill and character creation system, the versatile campaign setting has many unique features that set it apart from others in the genre:

No classes or races: All characters are human and have the potential to be anything they strive to be.

No statistics. Attributes such as strength, speed, and intelligence are incorporated into the skills system, eliminating modifiers to the dice rolls.

Open-ended customization: With 9 skill trees with 4 branches each, there are 126 skill specialties possible. Considering there are 5 levels per branch, that's over 167,000 possible combinations!

Simple game mechanics: The Living uses at most 2 twenty-sided dice (or d20s). Various skills can raise or lower the target number you must meet or exceed on those dice, and can be applied in different situations.

Dead or Alive: Choose to focus on fighting the undead or subverting the living, killing zombies or making living allies.