Stock Art - Male Centaur Alchemist

by Production Platform 3

Production Platform 3



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Stock Art - Male Centaur Alchemist

Real people don’t look just alike – neither should your characters! Bring fresh, new looks to your game-table or product with our latest Character Portraits. You get a total of nine 300dpi TIFF files in each collection, consisting of three distinct poses of a character, with each pose in color, grayscale, and line-art styles.

Our aim is to bring you a variety of quality character portraits to show your PC or NPC in a variety of poses and bring out the finer points of your creations. This bundle of images is centered around a male centaur alchemist. Whether he’s mixing mutagens, hurling homemade bombs, or readying his dagger in defense, this gentleman is ready to grace your project.

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