The Evolved Path

by Publishing Publishing



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The Evolved Path

The Evolved Path

Evolution. Change. Progress.

Sometimes looking back helps move us forward. Author Tim Wallace has taken some of the best open game content from previous editions of this game and brought them forward into the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. This book updates some of the races and classes from the wildly popular Arcana EvolvedTM as well as some feats that were never updated for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Just as with most other Publishing products, at the end of this book you’ll find some “bonus” content- rules and mechanics from products created by other publishers that is complimentary to the content of this product.


  1. Races: This chapter introduces dracha, faen, giants, litorians, mojh, sibeccai, and verrik as new playable races. In addition, many of the new races include new racial equipment or special racial feats or spells..
  2. Classes: This chapter presents the Akashic and Runeblade classes, as well as rules for Runic weapons.
  3. Feats: This chapter includes twenty-one feats that were created for a previous edition of the game but which have not as yet been updated to the rules of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
  4. Bonus Content: The bonus content for this product includes stuff for faen and giants. The content was originally created by Total Party Kill Games and Rogue Genius Games, specifically in the Feybinder and the Gruesome Guide to Giants products.

Rules Index

  • Races: Dracha, Faen, Giant, Litorian, Mojh, Sibeccai, Verrik
  • Classes: Akashic, Runeblade
  • Class Options: Dracha-Bloodrager Bloodline; Faen-Tree Warden Ranger Archetype; Giant-Order of the Steward Cavalier/Samurai Order, Juggernaut Cavalier/Samurai Order; Mojh-Sorcerer Bloodline; Sibeccai-Insurgent Slayer Archetype; Verrik-Hex Adept Arcanist Archetype, Monastic Theurge Monk Archetype.
  • Spells: Dracha-Honed limb; Faen-Fey storage, seeming of forms; Giant-Blanket of mercy, mark allies; Mojh-Arcane torrent, extended charge; Sibeccai-Spirit of prowess; Verrik-Divinatory expungement, location loresight.
  • Feats: Dracha-Draconic Aspect, Draconic Emissary, Draconic Flight, Draconic Tail; Faen-Faen Metamorphosis, Side Flanking, Tiny Threat; Giant-Powerful Build, Tatakai, Greater Tatakai, Swift Tatakai, Tremendous Size; Mojh-Mojh Transformation; Sibeccai-Canid Bite (Combat), Charging Trip (Combat), Dual Disarm (Teamwork), Four-footed Run; Verrik-Heightened Senses, Third Eye.
  • Equipment/Magic Items: Faen-Spiderweb gauze; Litorian-Litorian warclub; Sibeccai-Epsilon axe;
  • Other Feats: Blindsight (5-ft. Radius), Chaotic Mind, Corrected Charge, Deadly Precision, Disguise Spell (Metamagic), Divine Might, Eyes in the Back of Your Head, Greater Manyshot (Combat), Jack-of-all-Trades, Knock-Down (Combat), Hold the Line (Combat), Mind over Body, Open Minded, Plant Control, Rapid Metabolism, Reckless Offense (Combat), Repeat Spell (Metamagic), Repel Plants, Sacred Spell (Metamagic), Sidestep Charge (Combat), Stand Still (Combat).


  • Author: Tim Wallace
  • Pages: 61