Legendary Spiritualists

by Legendary Games

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Legendary Spiritualists

The Spirit of Adventure! 

Legendary Spiritualists is the latest volume in our series of player-focused supplements, this time focusing on the mysterious spiritualist and his larger-than-life phantom ally! A specialist in necromantic arts and communication between the living and dead, the Spiritualist can cover a number of different roles in play. We offer a complete redesign of the class, with several different Metaphysical Arts to personalize your character (want a familiar? Want a warpriest blessing? Want to channel energy? Please yourself!), enhanced phantom’s emotional foci, and archetypes both for the master and phantom inspired by iconic figures of the imaginary like the oracular Mysteric Proxy, the sword-wielding soul reaper Hollow Defender or the Last Stand Crusader, assisted by his faithful bloodline spirit, the Ancestral Stand! You will also find many new options for the classic version of the spiritualist, including archetypes, feats and spells, rules for variant multiclassing and characters of other classes who want to add a little occult to their career, and an unsettling iconic for the Legendary Spiritualist- the grim Minos Bonifar with his incognito familiar, Rigil! Evoke your own game spirit with this amazing 50-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game class supplement by Margherita Tramontano, Matt Daley, Jeff Lee, and Julian Neale and Make Your Game Legendary!