Mythic Minis 84: Kineticist and Occultist Feats

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Mythic Minis 84: Kineticist and Occultist Feats

Mythic Minis 84: Kineticist and Occultist Feats

Kineticist and Occultist Feats is the latest Mythic Mini devoted to exploring the weird word of the occult, from psychic spells to stranger tides on the mental and esoteric planes. Kineticists manipulate the primal matter and energy of the universe with the power of their minds, while occultists tap into the latent mystic energies inherent within everyday objects and foci. Characters of both kinds can unleash the power within with 12 new mythic feats from Parting Blast and Strong Implement Link to Kinetic Leap and Interweave Composite Blast!

Mythic Minis are short, inexpensive products designed to take one rules concept or set of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules and bring them to you in a new way for the mythic rules, including converting existing rules as well as introducing entirely new rule options. Created by the same designers that helped bring you the official mythic rules, Mythic Minis skip the fluff and give you all crunch, all the time.

Nobody knows mythic like Legendary Games, and whether it's new mythic feats, class abilities, path abilities, magic items, or anything else, every Mythic Mini delivers a delicious dollop of dazzling design that will fill out your mythic experience one slice at a time. Check for a new Mythic Mini every Monday to make your game just a little more Legendary!