Classic Encounters Revisited: The Inn

by Wolf & Raven Games

Wolf & Raven Games



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Classic Encounters Revisited: The Inn

Alehouses, inns, barrooms, saloons, pubs, taprooms, bars, roadhouses, taverns...

Every world has its watering holes, those places where everyone knows your name (or at least one of your names). These are the places where characters plot their rebellions, conquests and adventures. In some circumstances, they can be the sites of a group's fiercest and most memorable battles, not wielding swords and spells, but broken bottles and shattered chairs.

If you're a friend of Wolf & Raven Games, you may have even witnessed one burning to the ground. Mages, fireballs, whiskey, and wood... very bad.

This is our tribute to these inns and taverns: the unsung yet unforgettable settings for countless adventures and debacles.

Contained in these pages is the outline for a tavern or inn, along with all the information to use it at your gaming table, waiting for you and your players to breathe life into it. Included are high-resolution maps, sized to be printed and used as battlemats, as well as a ZIP archive that includes hi-res JPG versions of the maps for use with Virtual Tabletop software.

There's also a table for naming your dens of ill-repute and even rules for running a business, in case one of your players decides she wants to contribute to the local economy... or maybe even retire from her life of adventuring.

Hey, stranger things have happened.