Super Powered Legends Sourcebook

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



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Super Powered Legends Sourcebook

A Setting of Powers, Heroes, And Villains!

The Super Powered Sourcebook — a resource for dozens of heroes, villains, and organizations, all carefully crafted with with full stat blocks, backgrounds, and illustrations by writer/artist, Jacob E. Blackmon.

Take any one or two characters to spice up your own campaign world, or dive into the Super Powered Universe to play with a set of connected characters as complex and iconic as any comic book world.

From the battlefields of WWII, the lost continent of Atlantis, the lands of the gods themselves, or just the gleaming towers of New York City, the Super Powered Sourcebook provides you with ready-to-use options through a range of themes and power levels, allowing you to add elements from the unique to the archetypical to any M&M campaign!

When What You Need Is A Whole World!

Super Powered by M&M.