Advanced Options: New Barbarian Primal Paths

by Necromancers of the Northwest

Necromancers of the Northwest



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Advanced Options: New Barbarian Primal Paths

Unleash Your Primal Power!

Now on its fifth edition, the world’s oldest roleplaying game presents a number of exciting options to allow players to customize their characters. It seems like just about every class in the game gives players a major choice that can heavily alter the way their character operates, such as a barbarian’s primal path, a paladin’s oath, or a warlock’s pact. While the core rules give every class a handful of these options to choose from, and additional supplements from Wizards of the Coast have provided a few more here and there, there’s no doubt that there’s plenty of room for more of these options to provide you with exciting new approaches to each class, which can give you a some new tricks, allow you to represent flavorful ideas and concepts that had no support previously, or completely turn the class’s basic role on its head. The Advanced Options series is here to give you those new options.

This installment focuses on the primal paths available to the barbarian class. It first presents four new totem spirits, which can be used in conjunction with any existing primal path that already offers the use of totem spirits. Defend yourself with the slow but steady turtle totem, outwit your foes with the tricky raven totem, outmaneuver them with the graceful elk totem, or revel in draconic might with the fearsome dragon totem. The book also presents three brand new primal paths, including the path of blood, whose followers ritually consume the hearts of their foes to gain demonic powers, the path of the overflowing mug, whose followers find strength, bravery, and combat prowess in the bottom of an ale mug, and the path of the scarred hide, for barbarians who only become stronger and angrier the more they are injured.

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