Empire Builder - Holiday/Festival Outline

by Ennead Games

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Empire Builder - Holiday/Festival Outline

Give the citizens of your empire a well deserved holiday!

Holidays and festivals and can be a vital part of an empires history and morale. They serve as reminders of events of history, to honour those who have gone and to teach new citizens the importance of certain traditions, even if the original meaning has been lost.

They can bring people together or be a time of immense stress. Whatever the reason, it is almost unheard of for an empire to not at least one holiday or festival.

Part of the Empire Builder range, designed to help flesh out your baronies, kingdoms and empires and give you details or outlines to build from.

Inside you'll find tables for...

  • Mood: Is it a jolly festival or a sombre one?
  • Type: Cultural, religious or something else?
  • Age: is the event new or been going on for decades?
  • Occurrence: Is the event on every year, every 4 or something else?
  • Fixed/Movable: Is the event on a fixed day or does it move?
  • Trigger Event - Fixed: Tells you when fixed events occur
  • Trigger Event - Movable: Tells you when a movable event occurs
  • Duration: How long does the event go on for? A few hours?
  • Associations: What is the event associated with?
  • Main Traditions: What main traditions are there?
  • Locality: Is this event local or world wide?
  • Variation: What difference are there for this event between different locations?

And 3 linked tables to help you with naming the event.