Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-Daon (Windows)

by Rampant Games

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Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-Daon (Windows)

A Stand-Alone Computer Role-Playing Adventure of Not-Quite Epic Proportions

Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-Daon is a 3D indie computer RPG for Windows featuring turn-based combat, old-school sensibilities, and a story of high adventure and comedy. Who says RPGs have to be so serious?

In a world of jaded heroes and veteran adventurers, you play a team of misfits:

  • Arianna, a dainty warrior with an attitude problem
  • Dirk, an adrenaline-junky rogue who doesn't seem to understand the word 'subtle'
  • Benjamin, a nature-priest and an ill-suited newcomer to the adventuring lifestyle
  • Chloe, a ditsy sorceress with a love of cute, fuzzy animals and setting her enemies on fire

Adventuring is always a dangerous profession, but recently things have gotten bad. Very bad. Teams of expert fortune-hunters are getting "morted," suffering great losses against enemies that are better prepared than ever. In the taverns and Adventurer's Guildhalls, whispered rumors speak of the return of an evil that once all but destroyed civilization. But as many great and famous adventurers fall to this growing threat, perhaps this bunch of losers - called "The Frayed Knights" (but never to their faces) - might just be the heroes the world really needs:

The wrong people at the wrong time.

Yeah, you got us. This isn't a tabletop gaming accessory. It's an award-winning indie computer RPG written for the people who know what tabletop gaming is about, and who remember when computer RPGs actually tried to emulate the tabletop experience. It's tongue-in-cheek humor on the surface, and a deep role-playing, dungeon-delving experience at its heart.

Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-Daon features:

  • 30+ hours of gameplay.
  • Party members with real personality, storylines, and snarky comments to make during the course of their adventures
  • Challenging, turn-based combat in a game that plays at your pace.
  • A unique "Drama Star" system that rewards the player for playing through tough situations instead of reloading and replaying.
  • A spell named, "Power Word: Defenestrate."
  • Over a hundred base spells, most with several upgraded variants.
  • An innovative trap-disarming / lockpicking system using character skills and items to disable a device one component at a time.
  • Over 80 feats to customize your party as they progress through the game.
  • A detailed, "stats-heavy" rules system... which you are free to ignore if you choose.
  • Nearly 200 different items to be used and abused by your characters.
  • A "Quarterstaff of Nad-Whacking."
  • Sixteen "dungeons" (interior adventuring areas), five outdoor areas, one village, an alternate dimension, and some green dude's one-room hovel.
  • A THICK (virtually) 69-page PDF manual. For those who want more than just the tutorials...

System requirements:

1.2 gHz CPU, Windows XP or better, 400 Mb HD Space (200 for demo), OpenGL + compatible 3D card

You can check out the first dungeon as a free demo here, and make sure the game runs well on your machine.

Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-Daon - Free Demo!

Look, if the game is called off this week because your Game Master's kid has the flu, or if you just want to get into the mood for some old-school dungeon crawling and some laughs in a world full of challenging enemies, quirky characters, interesting puzzles and mysteries, then give Frayed Knights a try!