Kaiju Codex (PFRPG)

by Rite Publishing

Rite Publishing



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Kaiju Codex (PFRPG)

Kaiju Codex by Rite Publishing

It’s Going to be Colossal!

Kaiju Codex brings you 20 new massive monsters for Game Masters to use in their Pathfinder Roleplaying Game ranging from the natural disaster style CR 30 Worldshaker to the lesser Kaiju like CR 8 Hubrun, The Big Goblin, so you can find a challenge to fit your game! This product builds on the existing Kaiju rules of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game while adding some new twist so you can make the existing Kaiju even more dangerous!

We also include The Iron Knight for Player Characters to crew, so you can have Kaiju vs Mech-like combat. There is an artifact for PCs to control a Kaiju for a short period of time, so you can Let Them Fight! Plus advice on GMing Kaiju so your game can play like a Japanese Monster Movie or focus on something more classical like Jörmungandr, The World Serpent.

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Authors: Justin Sluder & Elaine Betts

Cover Artist: Lee Anthony Moten

Pages: 48