Monster Brief: Deadly Plants

by Misfit Studios

Misfit Studios



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Monster Brief: Deadly Plants

Monster Brief: Deadly Plants Means Risking Your Life to go into the Garden

In this product you will find four plant creatures that can surprise your player characters and give them a run for their money. These new monster entries will provide Gamemasters with new foes to spring out of the garden when the heroes least expect it.

The deadly Abakar blossoms are moving plants, created long ago by an insane alchemist. And, oh yes … they spit acid.

A dragonmouth plant is an example of man-eating greenery that can grow to the size of a tree. Their thorny bite can paralyze long enough for the plant to crush its prey to death.

Rotted tree men are dark versions of the more benign forest wardens. Tainted, they seek to destroy life so that it resembles the rot within their wooden hearts. They spread their corrupting influence to their surroundings.

Somehow infused with death, trees of the dead can sense corpses around them, which they then bring back to life to stamp out nearby life.

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