Seven Sinful Tales

by Four Dollar Dungeons

Four Dollar Dungeons



Tags: Adventure (Low-Level) best of Fantasy Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

Seven Sinful Tales

Seven Sinful Tales

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 4-6 characters of level 5.

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With a strange hollow “pop!” and an alarming smell of junipers your environment suddenly changes from the comfort of your own home to the centre of a circle of monolithic stones in a cold damp field at midnight. Around you other adventurers are appearing in similar fashion: one apparently in the middle of a bath; another doing something with a partner that obviously didn’t make the journey with them. Piles of adventuring equipment, some of it yours, clatter around you like litter.

As you slowly gain your bearings and take stock of your surroundings a nervous gasp to one side reveals a group of seven children standing between the stones and staring at you in wide-eyed horror. One of them approaches you with a book held high in hand: “Demons, I command thee,” he calls out in a trembling voice. “Return to thine abode!”

Unfortunately, you don’t.

Four Dollar Dungeons are standalone adventures designed to be logical, entertaining, challenging, balanced and easily integrated into any campaign world.

Each adventure has enough material to last three or more playing sessions and enough experience to raise four characters of the appropriate level up by one extra level. Treasure is commensurate with the encounter challenges faced and scaling information is included for adventuring parties of five or six.

This adventure is set in a faraway land, somewhere out there in the multi-verse, where children travel to school by coach in order to learn how to better themselves and embark on rewarding careers whilst being largely disregarded by their parents.