The Aspect

by Drop Dead Studios

Drop Dead Studios



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The Aspect

Empowered by the spark of divinity, Aspects serve as the mortal voice and embodiment of a divine being. Greater than a Cleric, an aspect is a living piece of their god, walking the line between mortal and deity like never before.

This 20-level base class takes the powers of Pathfinder deities and puts them into the hands of the players, allowing them to command divine servants, possess a portfolio, answer prayers, even organize a religion and empower clerics, all from the bottom of the dungeon.

The final installment of the Summer Class Blitz, this fully-linked PDF adds a new dynamic to the divine character, and will be a welcome addition for any player who's ever wanted to be a god.

(While usable alone, this product is designed to work with Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Campaign, and makes occasional reference to mechanics contained therein.)