The Hunt: Rise of Evil

by Samurai Sheepdog

Samurai Sheepdog



Tags: 3rd Edition/3e Classes d20/OGL Fantasy Horror Magic Items Monsters/Enemies Races Spells

The Hunt: Rise of Evil

The Hunt: Rise of Evil

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Revisit the works of Mystic Eye Games with Samurai Sheepdog as we bring back popular adventures from the past like The Hunt: Rise of Evil!

Want to visit a realm full of adventure, fantastic locations, and specialized rules in the world of Gothos? This product offers 143 pages doing exactly that! Even better, most of the world information is still just as useful as ever.

About the Book

I am old now and I fear I have little time left to chronicle all that I have learned in my travels. My life has been both blessed and cursed. I am a Child of the Waking Dream, touched by fate and bound to a being in another far off world.

The common folk would call me a hero, the great Pantheon, a threat.

I walk a line between the light and the shadows. Stalking the nightmares sent from a mystical realm I can neither see nor visit...

- Dimitri Amadon

“The Hunt: Rise of Evil” is a d20 campaign setting by Mystic Eye Games. In this book you will be immersed into the dark world of Gothos. You will find a new and fantastic land where the dreams and nightmares of our sleeping Earth folk find their way into this mystical world. This unique campaign setting will give you new rules, kingdoms, classes, races, magic, and much more. Play in our world or simply apply all that you find here to any d20 game. Become a Child of the Waking Dream and join the hunt today!