Untapped Classes: Worldthought Medic

by Dreamscarred Press

Dreamscarred Press



Tags: Class Options d20/OGL fantasy Player Options Psionics

Untapped Classes: Worldthought Medic

Healing has always been a second-class citizen for psionics. Even games with divine magic often have trouble finding a healer, because it's not always the most exciting role to play. No longer!

Untapped Classes: Worldthought Medic introduces the worldthought medic class, who allows party members to access healing on their own through the worldthought network, rather than the medic having to initiate the heal. In addition, the worldthought medic is capable of stealing the life from enemies and using it to mend wounds, including his own. Later in his career, the worldthought medic can even kill creatures to suck their very life essence and transfer that energy to his network members.

Untapped Classes: Worldthought Medic is 13 pages of new material, including the worldthought medic base class, four new feats for use with the class, and 12 powers for the worldthought medic, and is written by Jeremy Smith, with graphics by Rick Hershey and V. Shane