Breath of Life - The Archivist

by Orphaned Bookworm Productions

Orphaned Bookworm Productions



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Breath of Life - The Archivist

Breath of Life: The Archivist is our fourth product in the Breath of Life product line. It is a reimagining of the spellcasting scholar class from the 3.5 edition of a very popular table-top roleplaying system. Like the previous entries in this series, it is not a copy-paste update. No, this is a whole new class with new mechanics and systems to make it dynamic and fun to use along side other classes available in Pathfinder 1st edition. The book has the following:

  • An all-new, 1-20 level class focused on leveraging knowledge and balancing the insanity borne from knowing too much, you a plethora of talents to tailor your knowledge-based abilities for your archivist.
  • Six archetype options to further tailor your archivist to your playstyle.
  • Six archetypes to bring magical mastery and horror themes and mechanics and abilities to other classes like the abjurant champion archetype for the magus.
  • Five other class options to add horror and magic options to existing classes like the monsters patron for the witch and legendary witch.
  • Seven new feats.
  • 47 new spells to crush your foes, feats to further enhance your skills, New spellbook options to enhance and protect your spell repositories.
  • New magic items meant to enhance your magic abilities
  • New creatures and templates
  • Optional rules to make Knowledge and Lore more robust
  • An example NPC that uses the class mechanics you can use as a guide or as an NPC to interact with your players.

These options are guaranteed to bring a the horrors of too much knowledge to your tabletop.