Good Hope - Crushing Despair (5E)

by Orphaned Bookworm Productions

Orphaned Bookworm Productions



Tags: 5th Edition Archetypes Fantasy GM Tools Magic Magic Items Monsters/Enemies Player Aids Spells

Good Hope - Crushing Despair (5E)

GoodHope - Crushing Despair is a stand-alone product that brings expanded rules and content around hope and despair to the 5th edition of a famous roleplaying game. It provides new conditions for despair and three deities exemplifying different facets of hope, despair and emotions. Additionally, there are 16 new spells, a plethora of new class options like the college of emotion for the bard or oath of the chain for the paladin, new magic items, 4 new monsters exemplifying hope and despair and a sample NPC that inspired this book to be created. These options will bolster your allies and crush your foes. Bring the force of emotion to bear in your next game.