Speak with Animals - Animal Companions II

by Orphaned Bookworm Productions

Orphaned Bookworm Productions



Tags: Fantasy GM Tools Modern Monsters/Enemies Pathfinder 1e Player Aids

Speak with Animals - Animal Companions II

You find an awesome creature you want to be your bosom buddy and companion on your adventures but lo and behold, you don't have the means or the information to actually use them. This is where this product line comes into play! We new animals or creatures (or previously published creatures without companion stat blocks) and create animal companion rules for them for use in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. These new companions will provide interesting, cute, and lovable companions for the travels of your characters or for nefarious use by a GM and their BBEGs. This book adds 6 new animal companion stat blocks including the cassowary, babirusa boar, vampire deer, and okapi. Additionally, you will get full NPC stat blocks for the new animals introduced as animal companions in this book and 4 more animals that can serve as familiars like the coati, muntjac deer, and raccoon dog.