Book of True Evil (5E)

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Book of True Evil (5E)

This vile and maleficent tome of depravity delves deeply into the darkest depths of Fifth Edition, entreating villainous gaming of the most heinous and despicable nature!

Taken directly from the highly acclaimed blasphemy known as of Book of Exalted Darkness, the Book of True Evil collects over 160 pages of wicked material into one compact package seething with malevolence. Within its sinister confines are character options suitable only for the most foul of adventurers, seekers of power unrestrained by the foolish morals of lesser beings.

Are you among them?

What's in the Book of True Evil:

- Inherent Heresies, Vilis Points, and rules for torture

- Three new classes: the monstrously transformative Occultist, villainous Mad Scientist, and summoner Diabolist

- Evil class archetypes for all classes: abyssal clerics, chirgurgeon wizards, necrobotanist druids, fearmongering sorcerers, feral rager barbarians, gruesome salvager rangers, gray knight warlocks, gray druids, heresy paladins, masquerading heretic rogues, bards of anarchy, dark chi monks, patron of Meat warlocks, vile wizards, and warrior of darkness fighters

- The dark transformation prestige class: transform into a demon, dragon, devil, golem, lich, or rakshasa

- Evil backgrounds for nefarious adventurers

- Dozens of feats vile and otherwise for the mastering of rituals, grafting of monster limbs, blessings from dark entities, chirurgery, and much more

- Over two dozen new spells for the Vile school of magic and Mutation magic: when mages and fell priests must render unholy pain on their foes

- Drugs, evil relics by James Introcaso, all of the poisons (and more new ones), expanded madness, blasphemous templates, and creatures for the Diabolist to summon (daemons alongside more demons and devils!)

- More evil than you can shake a stick at.

NOTE: The Book of True Evil is a rules-focused product that presents the feats, spells, class options, and other mechanical elements from the Book of Exalted Darkness. It is designed for those who just want exciting evil mechanics and options for their own campaigns without the setting material, adventures, and other GM-focused material in that book. If you already own the Book of Exalted Darkness, you will find no new material in this book.