Cheap Thrills Set One: Woodland Elves

by Von Molkew Games

Von Molkew Games



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Cheap Thrills Set One: Woodland Elves

Ever notice that most products written about NPCs involve a single foe/nemesis for your group of players to face? Chances are you've then had to spend a great deal of time putting together the "lesser" NPCs that work for or are under the sway of that NPC. With Cheap Thrills, that work is done for you!

The Cheap Thrills line is simply this: a group of 6 "villains" that are all as familiar with each other as your group of characters are familiar with each other. Each one has a fully detailed stat block that is presented just as the NPC stat blocks in all the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game books and modules.

Cheap Thrills - Set One is a group of Woodland Elves, protecting their forest from the evil beings of the outside world. The group consists of a fighter, ranger, druid, sorcerer and two scouts who are all designed to work with one another by way of Teamwork Feats, spell use and combat tactics. The best feature of each character in the group is they are designed to be anywhere from 4th to 8th level, giving you the flexibility to adjust them easily to the level of your players and campaign specifics. The hard parts are done: stats, feats, skills, possessions, etc. The parts left up to you include alignment, names, genders and reasons for being there -- all of which you can set to your campaign needs.

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game game-master resource by Michael Mossbarger