DE1 - Dark Echoes

by Rempelstiltskin Productions LLC

Rempelstiltskin Productions LLC



Tags: 5th Edition Adventure (Low-Level) Fantasy

DE1 - Dark Echoes

A centuries old evil has been cultivating an environmental disaster deep under the earth, waiting for the time when it will be unleashed on the world. A new mine has been created above and has broken the seal. The owner of the mine has lost contact with their foreman and shipments have stopped, and it’s up to an inexperienced but eager group of adventurers to investigate.

This adventure is designed to present a challenge for a group of four veteran players using first level characters. While there are opportunities for roleplay scattered throughout, this adventure is heavy on the exploration and combat pillars of fifth edition.

Death is a real and ever-present threat as they investigate the mine and the dangers below. Success and survival should bring them to the third level, and they may have found some treasure well worth the effort. So much so that they may become targets themselves from unscrupulous and more experienced NPCs.

Written to be a seed for a larger campaign in any high fantasy setting, the outcome of this adventure could have world-changing consequences. It introduces a new and growing threat that, given enough encouragement, greed, time and apathy, could consume the world and beyond.

Digital Purchase Contains:

  • 1 PDF of the Adventure.
  • Player Maps in 70, 150 and 300 dpi
  • 2 Player handouts in 100, 150, and 300 dpi
  • 256 x 256 VTT Tokens