Occult Skill Guide: Restorative Ritual

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



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Occult Skill Guide: Restorative Ritual

By Alexander Augunas

Unleash occult secrets penned in antiquity, long forgotten to the modern world into your Starfinder RPG campaign with Everyman Gaming’s new Occult Skill Guide series! From occultic rituals to terrifying corruptions, from powerful pacts and terrible corruptions, the Occult Skill Guide has what you need to bring the mysteries of the occult into the far-flung future!

This installment of the Occult Skill Guide introduces: 1 new occult ritual for Starfinder, restore the broken body. This combination of high science and occult magic allows the ritualists to create a technomanic legion of biometric reconstruction drones that attempt to fully rebuild a damage creature’s body. Also includes are the full rules for running and building occult rituals, so restore the broken body can be used right away with no additional products needed!

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