Starfarer Classes: Spellscion

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



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Starfarer Classes: Spellscion

Even in a world of advanced technologies and augmentations, raw magical power thrums in silence, waiting for those who will reach out and claim it for themselves. Take on such powers for yourself and master the magical might of the spellscion with Starfarer Classes: Spellscion!

Within, you'll find:

The spellscion, a new Level 1-20 class for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game. Capable of manifesting its mystical might via spellcasting or skill-at-arms, each spellscion channels the energies from a mystical source that serves as a genesis for their arcane apotheosis. 18 geneses, or sources of mystical power for spellscions. Wield the might of the forces of order through the aeonic genesis, embrace the forces of Heaven or Hell with the angellic and diabolic geneses, warp yourself into myriad shapes with the shapeshifter geneses, embrace the power of Hyperspace with the spectra genesis, and much more! 45 manifestations, special abilities that spellscions embrace to enhance their playstyle and magical prowess.

And much more!