Blood Space Gazetteer: Mount Lumia

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



Tags: Fantasy GM Tools Starfinder

Blood Space Gazetteer: Mount Lumia

By Alexander Augunas

From the minds of Owen K.C. Stephens, Alexander Augunas, and Matt Banch and produced by Everybody Games and Rogue Genius Games, a new star system in need of heroes for your PCs to explore! Enter the Xa-Osoro System, home of blood space first introduced in Rogue Genius Games’s Starfarer’s Companion. An empire on the brink of collapse, a civilization clawing back from the brink of annihilation, dozens of warring factions and shady mega-corps vying for control in an age marred by tragedy. This is the world that awaits you in the Blood Space Gazetteer.

In this issue of the Blood Space Gazetteer, Mount Lumia! Though the smallest of Tor's megacities, Mount Lumia is a bastion of progress and tradition on Tor, a nation of kitsune founded by a pact between a priest and a kami that has modernized substantially over generations. Situated on the continent of Whitehorn, Mount Lumia is the closest megacity to Tor's north pole and home of the titular "Last Mountain." Included within is a complete dossiere of this region, including its history, government, culture, significant landmarks, and neighborhood districts for each of its major districts. Also included is a deity article for Tsukukitsu, the region's Okami, and the Garden of the Warded he calls home.

Content Warning: Bigotry (Human versus Non-Human). While numerous laws exist that formerly outlaw systemic bigotry and oppression in the Radiant Imperium, archaic policies existed in the Imperium's past that have lasting reprocussions for the people affected by them today. This largely takes the form of fringe facist supremacist groups that are depicted as villains for PCs to battle and descriptions of past events that affect current system affairs, and discretion is recommended for readers who are sensitive to these topics.