The Book of Monstrous Might

by Total Party Kill Games

Total Party Kill Games



Tags: 5th Edition Fantasy Monsters/Enemies

The Book of Monstrous Might


If you weren't one of the lucky 2571 backers that helped make this happen and missed out on the wildly successful Kickstarter, you can get the PDF here!

The Book of Monstrous Might is a massive 300+ page expansion for monsters in 5th edition, filled with surprising new monster abilities, new playable monster races, cunning new monster entries and more—all written by a star-studded cast of today's top fantasy authors!

  • Introduction by Luke Gygax, son of D&D co-creator Gary Gygax!
  • New playable monstrous races!
  • Many new dangerous and cunning monsters for players to encounter!
  • Dozens of revised core monstrous races - redesigned for play with the Recovery Dice mechanics!
  • Hundreds of new monstrous abilities designed to surprise and delight your players - or to use while playing one of the new monstrous races!
  • Tactics by monster type — allowing new and veteran GMs alike to run better games!
  • A handful of adventure scenarios and dozens of adventure seeds!
  • 100 unique goblin encounters and much more!