101 Mystical Site Qualities (13th Age Compatible)

by Rite Publishing

Rite Publishing



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101 Mystical Site Qualities (13th Age Compatible)

Create an Enchanted Realm!

101 Mystical Site Qualities gives you – yes, you guessed it – 101 New qualities to help creature a truly mystic location.

From areas where magical items overflow with power, to new areas of dead, wild, unstable, and enhanced magic that can change the nature of an encounter; to areas where only the eastern martial arts hold sway, to evocative locales like Avatar's Landing, Endless Summer, and the Fountain of Grit. 101 Mystical Site Qualities brings a host of new options and wonders for your world.

Wholly compatible with 13th Age 101 Mystical Site Qualities is designed so that you can bring a sense of the evocative and wondrous to your game and provide a benefit or challenge at all levels of play.

Get yours now and make your campaign mystical!