13 Things: Potions and Pharmaceuticals

by paNik productions

paNik productions



Tags: Fate Horror Magic Items Modern Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition Savage Worlds Sci-Fi

13 Things: Potions and Pharmaceuticals

As usual, there's actually 13 kinds of things -- for over 20 total new pharmaceuticals. (It's like we don't know how to count at all!)

Included are:

  • Cognition Enhancing Drugs (x1)
  • Emotion Stimulating Drugs (x2)
  • Interrogation Drugs (x3)
  • Medicinal Drugs (x2)
  • Memory Enhancing Drugs (x2)
  • Memory Impairing Drugs (x2)
  • Mind Control Drugs (x2)
  • Perception Altering Drugs (x2)
  • Personality Affecting Drugs (x1)
  • Purgative Drugs (x1)
  • Vision Enhancing Drugs (x1)
  • Veterinarian Drugs (x1)
  • Weight Loss Drugs (x1)

It's all about adding options for you and your players. Buff characters, debuff enemies, or speed recovery with enhanced medicines. For Game Masters, there's plot hook suggestions for integrating the new substances into campaigns. For Players, there's word-on-the-street gossip surrounding the new drugs. That's a lot for a buck and a quarter (and a nickel)!

Compatible with 5 different systems:

  • Savage Worlds
  • Pathfinder
  • Fate
  • Fudge
  • Entropic Gaming System

As with most paNik products, the sidebars are chock full of flavor text to make reading more entertaining.

Dangerous Dan: It's more than that, we also try to give ideas on how to introduce new items to your campaign.

Pipewrench Sally: Flavor text is useful. There's stuff like street names in there and individual testimonials

King Don: If by that, you mean Don explaining everything ad nauseum, then yeah... Just take it all with a grain of salt or two.

tater45: Well, yeah. The sidebar stuff could be considered optional, I guess.

Pipewrench Sally: Especially that stuff about the author being a master of ninjitsu and CIA-trained psychic.