Advanced Occult Guide

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



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Advanced Occult Guide

Delve into the supernatural and strange in the far-flung future of the Starfinder Roleplaying Game with Everybody Games’s Advanced Occult Guide! The successor of Everybody Games’s popular Occult Skill Guide series, the Advanced Occult Guide complies and expands upon dozens of pages of occult lore and supernatural content.

Written by a team of the Starfinder RPG's most celebrated names, the Advanced Occult Guide has tools that allow players and GMs to embrace occult forces. Players can choose new occult options of all kinds, from macro-level choices such as class and species mutations to micro-level choices such as archetypes, alternate class features, class options, and equipment. GMs will find tools that allow them to tell whatever occult stories they choose, featuring the largest toolbox of Starfinder GM rules ever assembled and an entire archive of occult aliens.

Included within this massive 250+ page product are:

  • Three brand-new classes: elementian, shapeshifter, and zoomer.
  • All-new themes and species mutations to broaden your character’s horizons.
  • A collection of archetypes that allow characters to embrace or battle the supernatural as they see fit.
  • An armory of occultic gear and equipment, from ghost-be-gone artillery to size-changing armor, to new augmentations and medicals, even a hot tub that travels through time and space.
  • Over a dozen new occult spells, including magic for possessing your foes, hurling elemental fire, changing your enemies’ size or age, and warping their body for additional functionality.
  • Occult rituals, a system of skill-based magic that anyone can participate in to create powerful magical effects.
  • Spirit rules that allow characters to utilize a pact magic ritual to summon an otherworldly being and bind its essence to their soul in exchange for power.
  • Numerous rules and subsystems that supplement the occult options found throughout the book, including aging rules, playing on battle grids of different sizes, Ultrafine and Supercolossal creature rules, new curses and diseases, and corruption, a new kind of affliction that twists the body, mind, and soul to terrible ends.
  • A bestiary packed with occult monsters perfect for any GM’s toolbox. And so much more!

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