Advanced Options: Cavaliers Orders

by Rogue Genius Games

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Advanced Options: Cavaliers Orders

The Advanced Players Guide introduced six new base classes. One of these new classes is the cavalier: the mounted knight whose power comes as much from the conviction of his ideals, the oaths that he swears, and the challenges that he makes as it does from sheer force of arms. The cavalier class also introduces the concept of cavalier ordersthe cavalier chooses one order from among the six detailed in the Advanced Players Guide. Each of these orders grants the cavalier bonuses, class skills, and special abilities. In addition, each order includes a set of edicts that the cavalier must follow.

The orders detailed in the Advanced Players Guide are interesting, well balanced, and extremely fun to play. However compared to the number of clerical domains or sorcerer bloodlines, six is a tiny sample of possible options for cavalier customization. Therefore, Advanced Options: Cavaliers Orders presents six new orders from which the cavalier can choose.

It should be easy for a GM to introduce these new orders. The easiest method is probably to assume that these orders have always existed and have not had a significant impact on the PCs to date. If the GM and/or players wish to use new options for a more complex campaign world, the new orders could represent brand new groups that have only recently come into prominence or they could be orders that have existed for quite some time but have become obscure or only recently regained prominence. If the PCs travel to a new region of the world, the GM can use these orders for small, regional groups of cavaliers common only in the new adventuring area. If introduced to a new campaign, a GM might even allow a PC to be one of the first cavaliers of one of these orders, which might have been created to right a great wrong, or celebrate some national victory.