Affordable Arcana - Magic Rings II

by Publishing Publishing



Tags: BONUS Classes Fantasy Magic Items Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition Treasure

Affordable Arcana - Magic Rings II

The design requirements for this Pathfinder Roleplaying Game product were “Create magic rings costing under 1,000 gp.” And we feel that Edwin Nowicki came up trumps on this one, providing us with many exciting new possibilities.

This book includes the following new, AFFORDABLE magic rings!

  • Anatomist’s Ring
  • Animal Trainer’s Ring
  • Harmonious Ring
  • Load-bearing Ring
  • Opossum Ring
  • Prize Finder's Ring
  • Ring of Adaptive Elements
  • Ring of Aerial Maneuvers
  • Ring of Air Diving
  • Ring of Arcane Heraldry
  • Ring of Bronco Riding
  • Ring of Careful Reading
  • Ring of Dazzling Conversation
  • Ring of Divine Inspiration
  • Ring of Ego Stroking
  • Ring of Elemental Bite
  • Ring of Machine Purpose
  • Ring of Menace
  • Ring of Mysterious Casting
  • Ring of Professional Courtesy
  • Ring of Retrieval
  • Saboteur's Ring
  • Summoner's Guard
  • Tomb Raider's Ring
  • Tracker's Ring
  • Tunnel Rat's Ring
  • Worry Ring

Plus the following new feats:

  • Ring Harmonics: Aura Manipulation
  • Ring Harmonics: Aura Resonance
  • Ring Harmonics: Field Amplification
  • Ring Harmonics: Magical Dissonance
  • Ring Harmonics: Skillful Chorus
  • Ring Harmonics: Uplifting Chorus
  • Ring Mastery
  • Ring Mastery, Improved
  • Ring Mudra
  • Ring Style
  • Rings of Defense
  • Sacrificial Ring
  • Versatile Ring Slot, Greater

Plus a new prestige class:

  • Ring Warrior (Prestige Class): "Most who pursue the arts of unarmed combat view magical items as conveniences at best and crutches at worst, choosing to rely on their own strength and prowess above all else. In their pursuit of self-improvement, however, some find that meditating upon the perfect geometry of the circle aids in the perfection of the self, and in so doing learn to tap into the power of magic rings and mingle it with their own."