Alliterative Amusements: Diviner's Dissertation

by Accessible Games

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Alliterative Amusements: Diviner's Dissertation

Alliterative Amusements: Diviner's Dissertation

Divinations are more than just spells to identify magic items or detect someone's alignment. In Diviner's Dissertation, we give you 10 new spells, one for each level, to illustrate how versatile this school of magic can be.

Spells include:

  • Spurgeon's Skillful Step
  • Spurgeon's Speedy Spellcasting
  • Borrow Vitality
  • Karra's Miraculous Reclamation
  • Claire's Social Insights
  • Claire's Audience
  • Aletta's False Divination
  • Time Twist
  • Wishing Well
  • Soul Mirror


In addition to these new spells, we present a new wizard subschool: the revealer. A revealer knows the power of drudging up the past or offering glimpses of the future, and they use their abilities to good effect. By sharing their visions with others, they can change the flow of battle.

Each spell begins on its own page, making them simple to reference on the fly. The PDF is also layered for ink-friendly printing and tagged for screen reader accessibility, so it's a great resource for anyone whether you read from a computer, tablet, or the printed page.

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