Ancient Idols

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Ancient Idols

Monoliths of Ancient Power

Ancient Idols provides a treasure trove of knowledge for incorporating the monuments and monoliths of elder civilizations into your Pathfinder campaign. Objects of cultic worship, idols draw power from adoration and sacrifice, but also provide great power to those studied in the ancient mysteries or willing to sacrifice soul and sanity! Within you'll find tons of new rules for both animated and inanimate idols and their sacrifices and holy days, with sample idols from tiny statuettes to towering colossi, ranging from CR ½ to 20. You'll also find rules for integrating idols and monoliths with the spirit world and networks of eldritch energies bounded in ley lines, as well as fantastic new character options like the idol champion, qahin, and idolater for devotees of these elder idols, whether heroic PCs or devious cult master NPCs. The ruined wonders of fallen empires surround you, but with Ancient Idols you can bring them to glorious life in your campaign! Grab this 32-page Pathfinder accessory today and Make Your Game Legendary!