Ancient Worlds - Base Set

by Lord Zsezse Works

Lord Zsezse Works



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Ancient Worlds - Base Set

Ancient Worlds - Base Set Papercraft Model

An ancient mausoleum settles into the soil, surrounded by broken stone columns and arches. Rumors mark it as the aboveground entrance to a dungeon infested by a desperate cult of death worshipers.

Select one of three styles - grey stone (Ground), tan stone (Desert) or vine covered stone (Swamp). Print out whichever version you prefer for your game, assemble it out of cardstock, and use it as an imposing start to your next game!

1" grid squares may be toggled on or off in the pdf for use as a battlemat. Utilize 3 dimensions of the model in your combat -- Gargoyles can lurk atop pillars slowly settling into the muck, or a ghast armed with a longbow can fire down on the party from atop the mausoleum, requiring players to make those Climb and Acrobatics rolls to get into position to finish it off.

When the characters finally make that all-important assisted strength check to slide the stone of the tomb, let the players actually slide away the stone, to reveal one of two printable contents -- rune covered stone floors (undoubtedly packed to the edges with ravenous ghouls), or a dark, foreboding staircase leading into the lower depths, where the characters can hear a deep, sibilant chanting...

This product includes:

  • Three beautiful 16" x 20" maps broken into pages, and a poster sized 200 dpi color jpg format (ground, desert, or swamp).
  • A mausoleum with a removable roof and removable entrance stone.
  • Stand-alone columns
  • Sunken columns
  • A stone archway
  • Broken pillars"

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 or later. This set includes multi-layered pdfs, you can change the style easily with layers. You can also hide those elements of the columns what you don't want to print.

You can download the newest version of Adobe Reader here:

Image format: 200 dpi, U.S. Letter, PDF


Ancient Wolds papercaft temple ruins

Ancient Worlds papercraft temple ruin