Assorted Slang & Terminology Volume 2 - Nautical

by Ennead Games

Ennead Games



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Assorted Slang & Terminology Volume 2 - Nautical

Land-lubbers, Port, Abeam. These and many others words can seem odd and almost alien to those not of a nautical nature.

But worry not, the ASAT Guide is here to help you, the GM or storyteller.

Within is a collection of terms used by those who travel the numerous seas and ocean. Some terms are military based, others from sea-going merchants.

Using this guide is very simple, just go to the appropriate chapter for a word you are trying to find the meaning of, such as “abeam” and look up the translation.

Although this publication is designed for a game or story with terrestrial aquatic vessels, many culture continue to use these terms if they eventually develop space flight.

Ship types, such as frigate or man-o-war have not been included as they will be covered in another publication.