Assorted Slang & Terminology Volume 4 Occult & Magic

by Ennead Games

Ennead Games



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Assorted Slang & Terminology Volume 4 Occult & Magic

The Assorted Slang & Terminology series is a collection of pdfs that give you a glossary or series of terms themed around a certain subject.

This edition is themed around the occult and magic, with a bit of the supernatural and mythology thrown in as well.

Designed for any genres where the occult and those who practice the forbidden arts are to be found.

Disclaimer/Note from the Author - This pdf is not meant to be to be an “end-all” document, more a starting point for your own research. As such, mostly due to space and time restraints, some terms have been left out - if every bit of terminology was left in, this publication would be unwieldy, not useful and probably never finished!

Example Entries

Akasha A Sanskrit word referring to the base material contained in all things.

Bibliomancy Divination by interpreting a passage chosen at random from a book, especially from the Bible.

Channel A channel is a person or thing through which energy or information flows.