Bits of Magicka: Pocket Items

by Tabletop Adventures

Tabletop Adventures



Tags: d20/OGL fantasy Magic Magic Items Treasure

Bits of Magicka: Pocket Items

Bits of Magicka: Pocket Items

Have you ever had idle party scoundrels eye passersby in the street in your campaign cities, and try their hand at a little pocket picking? That is where this excellent product comes in. From the creative mind of author Greg Ragland, we present you with a score of juicy targets carrying items of potential interest, including in each case a magical item of some kind. Not only do you have a wealth of interesting, but not overbalanced, loot for the enterprising cutpurses in your group to steal, but also some idea of who would be carrying it, why, and what the potential consequences might be once the victim discovers the theft.

So sit back and relax! You don't have to worry about the characters merely fleecing commoners for a handful of copper and silver, before the inevitable hue and cry and pursuit by the local town guards. Instead you can know that the next time your characters' thieving instincts kick in, you'll be ready for them… quite possibly to their woe!

Item cards are provided in addition to the text, giving a summary of the physical description and stats. GMs can hand these cards to players, to retain for future reference. We have also included a text-only version that can be used to cut and paste directly into your GM notes or sized into a large print version for those who prefer larger type.

20 pages plus item cards; 28 pages total

This is part of the "Harried Game Master" line of products, providing the materials we've always wished to have.

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