Companionable Darkness

by Rising Phoenix Games

Rising Phoenix Games



Tags: 5th Edition Adventure (Low-Level) Fantasy Player Aids Solo

Companionable Darkness

Archchancellor Gwydion Ambrosius has sent for you, personally. He asks you to company a senior reader of the University of Scarthey on a journey through dangerous lands. Gwydion fears for the old wizard, whose frayed mind has suffered through the study of dark arts. Can you protect the wizard, your companions, and the wagon train you’re traveling with, or will darkness consume you all?

Companionable Darkness is a solo adventure for a 1st—3rd level cleric or paladin, compatible with the fifth edition rules of the world’s oldest roleplaying game. This is our largest adventure yet, clocking in at 64 entries (including the intro and conclusion) over 45 pages, with new player options for the barbarian and bard classes. A successful run should take you around half an hour, if you don’t fall foul of the traps and monsters that lie in wait. The More Adventure section allows you to extend the game far beyond that, as you work to protect the caravan you’re traveling with from the many dangers on the road.

  • Character Level: 1st—3rd
  • Character Class: Cleric or paladin
  • Play Mode: Solo / 1-on-1
  • System: fifth edition fantasy
  • Setting: Scarthey, the University of the Arcane

The adventure includes:

  • Exclusive Path of the Lone Wolf barbarian path.
  • College of the Veiled Hand bard college
  • A new Campaign Boon, inspired by the adventure.
  • More Adventure section, adding options to extend the adventure.
  • Linked and bookmarked for ease of play.

Companionable Darkness is the third adventure in the Choose Your Destiny series of solo / 1-on-1 adventures. Look out for more adventures coming soon or subscribe to our Patreon and get the books first