Creature Description Generator Volume #14 - Slimes & Oozes

by Ennead Games

Ennead Games



Tags: Any system creature description Fantasy generator ooze slime

Creature Description Generator Volume #14 - Slimes & Oozes

Simple…yet very dangerous…

Slimes and oozes, as well as some other entities, are some of the most simple creatures an adventurer can encounter. They look harmless, just a lump of, well slime or ooze, with no discernable brain or other organs, mindless....and yet very deadly!

This publication gives you a series of tables to help with your descriptions of these creatures and maybe give you an idea of what they can do, from their colour, and preferred diet, to some unique quirks or features.

Note from the author
Whilst this description generator is named for Slimes and oozes, it can also be used for moulds, jellies and other such biologcally simple creatures with, relatively speaking, minor tweaking.

Inside you'll find tables for...

  • Approximate Shape
  • Behaviour/Personality
  • Colour (simple)
  • Consistancy/Texture
  • D/R/W (Damage/Resistance/Weakness)
  • Equivalent Speed
  • Preferred Diet
  • Preferred Habitat
  • Pseudopods
  • Reproduction
  • Size
  • Time Period
  • Type (Slime, ooze or soemthing else)

Plus 2 xd100 tables for further customisation

  • Colour Table - Extended
  • Quirk/Feature