Damnable Things: Artifacts Vol. 1

by Iron Hills Games

Iron Hills Games



Tags: Artifacts fantasy GM Tools Magic Items Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

Damnable Things: Artifacts Vol. 1

Beware of gifts from the Gods ...

Artifacts have always been a staple in mythology and fantasy literature: the Cornucopia, the Holy Grail, the Armor of Achilles, the Golden Apple of Discord. While all these are items of incredible power, not all are beneficial.

Damnable Things: Artifacts Vol. 1 takes a look at those items that are the end goal of so many campaigns. Artifacts. Be they good or be they ill, artifacts should be held with respect. With great power can come great trouble. And the artifacts within these pages may either delight or terrify your players. As will the artifacts' suggested owners.

Damnable Things: Artifacts Vol. 1 is the second installment of the Damnable Things series, but with a twist. The items contained are not cursed variants of existing items. Instead the volumes to be focused on artifacts will be unique items unto themselves. The goal of the series remains the same; to give GMs an additional resource of obstacles and challenges for their players to overcome, hopefully increasing the enjoyment for all.