Dark Stalker

by Parts Per Million Limited

Parts Per Million Limited



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Dark Stalker

Explore the dark streets of the city, where every shadow is alive with sinister intent and the darkness gathers, but you are walking alone.

Solo roleplaying Dark Streets & Darker Secrets is a dramatic and ominous experience where anything can happen but only the bad things seem to fall in your path.

The solo rules included in the core rulebook of DS&DS refer to solo as one GM and one player. These solo rules refer to solo as one player and no GM, a true solitaire game.

Solo is a perfect way to learn a new game, test your first adventures and going beyond just making characters when you are first getting to know the rules.

Solo Rules Supplement

This supplement is written in a similar conversational style as the core rules, which you will need to play. This book will refer you to tables and pages of the main rules. I do sometimes suggest that the tables are used in a different order to how they are presented in the rules, but only when this provides a better solo experience.

Solo Advice

The final pages of this book contain tips on solo play that may be equally useful for playing any solo game.

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