Deck O' Names: Anglo Saxon Places Generator

by Tabletop Adventures

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Deck O' Names: Anglo Saxon Places Generator

Give an historical flair to place names!

With the Deck O' Names, quick names for fantasy towns are possible even for the naming-challenged. Use the software to generate names in the Old English style, to add ambience to your towns and other places. GMs can develop names in advance while making a map, or generate them on the fly during a gaming session.

The 'Deck O' Names: Anglo Saxon Places' offers the historical connoisseur or budding medievalist a useful tool for creating Anglo Saxon place names in Old English. This generator takes segments of authentic Anglo Saxon place names and mixes them to provide over 31,000 variations.

This generator adds the options to include definitions and either modern or Old English endings as the names are generated. Other useful functions include: Sort, Randomize, Count, Limit to Unique Names, and Print options. Use the generator even when you do not have internet access readily available.


A ReadMe file explaining how to use the program

Anglo Saxon Places generator and files

About the Software: A simple JavaScript application, this program is easily used by unzipping the files from the .zip file and clicking on the .html file provided. In order for this application to operate properly, JavaScript functions must be enabled on your computer. This JavaScript application will run on most Internet browsers.

If you are not one who likes to lug around a laptop or you prefer a more tangible product, we'd recommend the handy 'Deck O' Names: Anglo Saxon Places' card deck also produced by Tabletop Adventures.

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