Delta World 5E Compatible Roleplaying Game Setting Core Guidebook

by Blue Crab Party, L.L.C.

Blue Crab Party, L.L.C.



Tags: 5th Edition Sci-Fi

Delta World 5E Compatible Roleplaying Game Setting Core Guidebook


Delta World is a wild and sparsely populated future Earth. It is 150 years after The Great Catastrophe, an apocalyptic global war that resulted in the complete destruction of civilized society. The environmental contamination from chemical, biological and radiological warfare has resulted in a world of mutated beings: beasts, humanoids, plants, and others.

Now, finally, the small communities of intelligent beings that have survived are beginning to claw back from the depths of technological ignorance. Their numbers are expanding, and they strive to create new civilizations once again. You are one of these intelligent beings. You live in a world that has been reclaimed by nature, where overgrown ruins can be exploited for the vast technology once mastered by the Ancient Ones. With luck, you and your companions can find these ancient ruins and scavenge the materials, equipment, and technology that you need to continue to advance. But the world is dangerous, unexplored, and treacherous. Can you survive?

Compatible with the SRD5 and the Fifth Edition of the world’s oldest roleplaying game, Delta World creates a post-apocalyptic, science fantasy expansion with a crisp gameplay experience and an old-school RPG feel.

The Delta World 5E Core Guidebook includes:

  • All player and game master rules in a single volume.
  • Complete rules for mutated and engineered character races, including mutated humanoids, mutated beasts, mutated plants, androids, sentient robots, and cyborgs.
  • Expanded rules for mutations, cybernetic implants, and technological augmentations.
  • New feats, skills, equipment, and gear suitable for the post-apocalyptic science fantasy setting.
  • Enhanced rules and gaming aids for sandbox exploration.
  • Expanded rules for interacting with, repairing, and salvaging valuable materials from technological items.
  • New gaming aids for playing Delta World in a virtual tabletop environment, including rollable tables and high-quality pre-generated maps.
  • And much more!

Come in, explore, and create YOUR Delta World!