Divine Favor: the Druid

by Kobold Press

Kobold Press



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Divine Favor: the Druid

Designed by Stefen Styrsky and developed by Sigfried Trent and Wolfgang Baur, Divine Favor: the Druid gives an in-depth exploration of the druid class and useful advice on making the most of it.

The second in the Divine Favor series covering cleric, druid, paladin, inquisitor and oracle, this 19-page volume includes:

  • New domains for druids, clerics and rangers, including Bird, Hunting, Transformation, Tree, and more
  • New wild shape options
  • Druid archetypes such as Moon Druid, Greenmen, and Elemental Shaman

Pick up Divine Favor: the Druid and wield the power of the gods! And check out the other books in the Divine Favor series.

This product includes hyperlinks to the Pathfinder SRD http://www.d20pfsrd.com