Dungeon Archetypes (5E)

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Dungeon Archetypes (5E)

Delve the Dungeons Deep!

With all the excitement of new and different worlds to explore, you might lose sight of the track that our favorite adventure game began with exploring Dungeons (and maybe fighting some Dragons along the way, of course)! Fear not, because we've got a septet of delightfully dungeontastic character options for your heroes who want to crawl through the crypts, kick in the doors, and plunder some dungeons deep and caverns old! Watch out for pit traps and poisoned needles, and leave the orcs and ochre jellies running for the hills when you bust out these seven new character options for your 5th Edition heroes in search of the unknown!

  • Close Quarters Fighter, warriors at their best with when their backs are against the wall.
  • Oath of Discovery for paladins that quest for knowledge.
  • Under Stalker, a ranger in their element whenever underground.
  • College of the Passage, bards schooled in dungeoneering.
  • Labyrinth Divine Domain for clerics that never lose their faith (or their way).
  • Circle of Worked Stone, druids at home in crypts and catacombs.
  • Oozemancer Bloodline, sorcerers that conjure and control amorphous monsters!

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