Dwellers in Dream: Five Fey-themed Player Races - Pathfinder

by Total Party Kill Games

Total Party Kill Games



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Dwellers in Dream: Five Fey-themed Player Races - Pathfinder


Long have the fey captured mankinds imaginations. Dwellers in Dream is a fey-themed player sourcebook containing five all-new races for the Pathfinder RPG. This new sourcebook explores five original fey-themed races for your d20 and Pathfinder games. These are not your standard fantasy fey either, these are creations from the darkest recesses of the twisted minds over at Total Party Kill Games.

The first of the five new player races is the Briarborn, a plant-like race born of natures response to harm and injury. They grow quickly and are a measured response to the likes of orcs and men who would seek to harm the world itself.

Then there are the Crimbil, goblin-blooded fey and snatchers of children. The crimbil look much like darkly beautiful pale goblins, sometimes being mistaken for gnomes. Born of the dark fey and goblinkind, their features vary wildly. Some are more akin to their goblin heritage, while others develop highly fey characteristics.

Next, we explore the True Changelings, mercurial shape-shifting fey. When a true changeling is sent to the natural world, it appears as a featureless lump of flesh, roughly human in size and shape. Its flesh is white and akin to tallow. Its face has featureless eyes and a subdued nose and mouth. The creature appears pitiful and in pain, though if cornered it quickly becomes menacing.

There is also the Glimmerkin, a race of elves who used magic to enter a chrysalis state for an age and emerged something altogether different. Glimmerkin share the same height and build as their elvish progenitors, but it is there that superficial similarities end. Their most famous feature is their large, jewel-like eyes, which are somewhat elongated and of a single green, deep blue, aquamarine, or purple hue. Some legends claim they never sleep and this could be due to their translucent eyelids that make it seem as though the Glimmerkin's eyes are still open, only a shade or two darker than normal. If the eyes are windows to the soul, theirs are perpetually shaded.

Lastly is the Sylfaen, a brutal warden of nature and fey lands, the leaders of the Wyld Hunts. At a distance the sylfaen are often mistaken for elves and some even for drow, so alike is their appearance. They are tall, lithe and graceful like elves, however there are distinct differences. Sylfaen skin ranges from a drab olive green to a deep midnight blue. Sometimes this skin is even mottled in a natural form of camouflage.

Each race is fully developed with a total of 80 pages of content! There are tons of new fey-themed feats, abilities, traits, archetypes, spells, magical items and even a new plane of existence. All of the content is hyperlinked to the d20pfsrd.com website for your convenience of use and extensively bookmarked.

For those interested in a sample, check out the Briarborn race on d20pfsrd.com!