Ecology of the Wood Booger

by ICOSA Entertainment, LLC

ICOSA Entertainment, LLC



Tags: Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

Ecology of the Wood Booger

In the rural hollers of Harmonia, parents goad their youngsters to behave with threats that a hairy man-like primate called the Wood Booger absconds with bad children in the night.

City slickers shrug the phenomenon off as mere tall tales, but the volume and similarity of wood booger sightings has led many Ulleran researchers to investigate the beast. No longer a tall tale, the Wood Booger is ready to challenge your players.

Ecology of the Wood Booger is everything you need to bring this cryptid into your campaign. Complete with stat block, adventure hooks, loot table, and information on the society of wood boogers. Their kin, another cryptid known as the devil monkey, is also fleshed out within these pages, including a ready-to-play encounter with a full-page map.